I believe that when women lead, the world becomes a better place.  Due to our innate powers to empathize and care for others, when women speak up with clarity, authenticity, and confidence, there is a lasting impact on society.

It’s this notion that drives my desire to work and empower women to speak up and become leaders in their respective companies and industries.  My passion to help women comes from my own experience of having a lack of agency when it came to my ideas and articulating them effectively.  I eventually learned that in order to be taken seriously, I needed to take myself seriously. Discovering what I truly believed in and the legacy that I would like to leave in the world has enabled me to communicate with clarity and unwavering conviction.  

I am honored to get to work with women who will make an impact on the world.  When one woman uses her voice, it created a domino effect for other women and girls around them to use theirs as well. 


A self-proclaimed Public Speaking Cheerleader Fana supports women on their journey to find their voice in order to speak with clarity, authenticity, and confidence.  She offers public speaking training experiences based on the practices of Woman Speak, a unique approach to public speaking that incorporates body movement and meditation, allowing women to tap into their internal wisdom in order to truly share thier message blossoming and in a way that they have not done before.  

A dynamic and compassionate cheerleader for her clients, Fana creates safely held spaces that offer specific themes around public speaking while additionally incorporating traditional speaking practices aimed at preparing women to become more effective as they speak publicly enabling them to become better leaders. 

Fana has worked with female executives from the U.S. China and Japan, who have sought to effectively communicate their message and trust in their own voices. Her proudest accomplishment is being the mother to two amazing 8-year-old boys Connor and Mason.

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